Unlock Gold Ruin Hero Gear

With Update 2.31 and the introduction of new Gold Ruin dungeons, we introduced a brand new piece of gear – one for each hero! The only way to get it was to clear any of the normal dungeons 100 times but as some people would already know, this is a lot harder than it sounds as you cannot enter the dungeon until level 52. However, now there is a way to unlock the weapons without clearing any dungeons!

Important note: You do not have to be the hero of the weapon you are trying to unlock. Example – I am using my LVL 52 Druid but I want to unlock the Silver Ruin Dungeon Knight Weapon for my new level 40 Knight.

How to get hero gear black ops 3

To unlock the new Gold Ruin Hero Gear you need to…

Patch 2.31 introduced our brand new Black Market! This hub is where you will find all sorts of amazing items including brand new gear (Gold and Silver Rarity), pets, weapon skins, and more! It can be accessed through the game menu or by pressing on your mini-map

Unlock Gold Ruin Hero Gear

1. Go to the Black Market by either going through the game menu or pressing on your mini-map.

2. Once there, go to the section called “HERO GEAR” and click on the one you want to unlock (You can choose any Silver or Gold weapon). 

3. Now simply pick a hero whose level is NOT higher than that of the gear and confirm your decision.

4. The hero you picked will receive 1 copy of the weapon, which he can give to anyone. You can use this method as many times as you want until all weapons are unlocked!

How to find the gear

This is the one and only gold lockbox in the game. It has a 0.1% chance to drop from bosses in Silver and Gold difficulty dungeons

If you do not want to farm, I recommend getting it from the Auction House for around 80-90k gold (prices may vary depending on your server). Note: You cannot get the gear in the game through anything else than this lockbox.

The best way to get gold ruin hero gear 

The best way to get gold ruin gear is to complete the Gold Dungeon achievements. You need to do this 100 times in order to unlock every gear.

If you are not the hero of the gear, it is important that you leave a comment on your friend’s wall so he/she can give it back.

Tips and tricks for using your upgraded gold ruin hero gear effectively in-game:

The Silver and Gold versions of the gear have the same special effect. But there is a difference in the number of stat points they give you!

It is important to note that when you upgrade your weapon, it doesn’t replace your old one (Even if you use it on another hero), so don’t worry about which one to upgrade. Also, if you upgrade your gear and want to reverse it back to normal just pick the hero whose level is lower than that of the gear version.

Why do we need this upgrade anyway, what does it do fo us?

IT’s simple, gear with special effects is stronger than the common ones. The silver one gives you 15-20% more stats (weapons/rings/necklace) and the gold version adds 30-40%. From all of this I can say that it’ll be much easier to beat the lower-difficulty dungeons!


Unlocking the Silver Ruin Gear is pretty easy. Just clear any Silver Dungeon at least once (10 times if you are LVL 52), unlock it, and enjoy your new gear! Unlocking the Gold Ruin Gear, however, is a lot harder. You need to complete 100 Silver Dungeon runs or win 60-70k gold on the Auction House (or both) as this is the only way to get it. In any case, I hope this guide helped you, and if you have any questions or think I forgot something important, feel free to leave a comment below!

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